We're bag people

We help companies create physical prototypes of bags and do small batch manufacturing. I have over thirty years of experience in the bag business (handbags, luggage and all types of carry bags).
My design skills are based on my knowledge of manufacturing. I am a pattern maker with drawing skills and am capable of doing small batch mfg, if we can't make it we can connect you with someone who can.
I am well versed in US suppliers of materials, am easy to deal with and try to deal with my clients in a way that I would... (more)


Many of my customers come to me with very rough sketches and through talking with them and exchanging drawings I have found that I can often turn those primary ideas into something that can be produced. If it is not possible to make an idea into something that can be made I will be honest and say that.


I started out in the bag business when everything was made in the US, so I learned to be a pattern maker. To this day I find that making physical prototypes is the best way to proceed in creating new products. It generally takes up to three iterations of samples to arrive at a final design.


see my notes on pattern making.


I help my clients with pre-production planning, die purchasing, dies-less cutting prep or other needed preparation. I understand the manufacturing process and try to make my clients understand the process as well.


My studio is set up to do small batch manufacturing (20-50 pcs).