Domestic Beading , 100% MADE IN USA & Affordable. Laser Cutting, Caviar Beading, Hot-fix, Rhinestone, Soutache.

100% USA PRODUCTION AND VERY affordable, Voted by Stylesight editors as America's #1 Domestic Material Decorator for TexWorld 2011. USA beading is a division of Faraj Inc, Faraj Inc. have been on the cutting edge of fabric embellishments techniques for over three generations. We offer different Embellishment Techniques, such as Traditional Bonnaz Ribbon Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Pearls, Glitters (Cracked Ice), Trims, Hot-Fix, Nail Heads, Rhinestones, Caviar beading, Quilting, Digital Printing and more. Our latest Patented beading technique is phenomenal, where we can decorate your garment affordably, beautifully and extremely quickly, right here in our New Jersey and... (more)


A customer can send us an image or a sketch for a design idea, or maybe a garment decorating look that they saw in a store or online. We can create a similar look for them, and we can produce it for them on their garment, domestically and in a very affordable manner.


Our designers can handle every task of designing for the garment industry, keeping in mind, seam allowances, fabric trends and fit.


Our experienced designers help make your idea a stunning reality. First sample is $50.00 only which can be reimbursed when we do production.


We have produced millions of garments for the garment industry. Whether we make one or one million, everything is done to perfection, affordably and domestically, all in our NY and NJ factories. 100% USA made.