WeCutFoam specializes in custom foam creations - logo, signs, props, art work

Custom foam cutting, machining and prototyping. We create signs, logo, dimensional letters, props, exhibits, displays, architectural shapes, sculptures, composites, concrete molds and foam castings. Foam creations for museums, movies, theaters, artists, sculptors, theme parks, sign shops, Trade Shows, Theme Parks, designers, event planners and more.


We provide 3D scanning from objects and CAD/Drawing files from pictures and photos to be able to cut and create the desired end product


We can provide any type of foam, wood or light metals for the projects - We carry materials in house


We create samples and prototypes for any customer upon request prior to creating the end product, so customers can check and be involved in the production process.


We have CNC hot wire foam cutters, CNC Laser Cutters and CNC routers, including all tooling, machinery and equipment needed for all projects creations. We also sand, smooth, coat, paint, pack and ship anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide.


With our CNC foam cutting machines that we carry we create projects for individuals and small businesses, as well as mass production for larger companies