Handcrafted Organic Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding made in the USA! Save the EARTH while you Sleep!

Have a great organic bedding idea? Need custom-shaped pillows, mattresses, cushions, sheets or any type of bedding?

Want to extend your product line to branded, high-quality natural and chemical-free goods without the hassle of investing in a new manufacturing operation?

White Lotus Home’s Private Label Manufacturing can affordably turn your vision into reality. We offer turnkey solutions to manufacture handcrafted goods that deploy your company’s existing brand platform, packaging, color pallet and image. Our talented design team can bring your special project to life.

What are the benefits of Private Label Manufacturing? It’s smart. White Lotus Home... (more)


Yes we can help refine your ideas whether they are visual, concrete, or abstract. We can help you chose the right fibers and design that will be best for your ideas from innovation, to development, to actualization.


We can assist in drafting on a case by case basis. We have a talented design team that can bring your special projects to life by preparing a preliminary version


Yes we can both sell and provide necessary materials and fibers. We can supply the products your customers want and need, extending your product line to high quality, natural and chemical-free goods without the hassle of investing in a new manufacturing operation.


Yes we can create samples.


We do all the production in our warehouse located in New Jersey, USA. Our artisans build handcrafted goods to your specifications that carry your company’s brand platform. We can use your custom packaging, color pallet, logos and/or image.


We can mass produce products based on your needs and required timeframe.