Wing & Weft Gloves is the only glove factory in New York City's Garment Center. Our mission is to preserve and nurture craftsmanship in the United States. We are a small, women-owned business and we strongly support other small businesses, start-ups, new designers, and students. We want to make your glove-related dreams come true!

We are proud to have produced gloves for the Theatre, Film, Drag, and Fashion communities for over 40 years. Every glove you purchase sustains our legacy.

We work on any scale. Wing & Weft has made a single pair of gloves for a student putting together their first... (more)


We will help you develop your glove designs based on our years of experience. We can help you with fabric selection and technical features.


A key step in our process is pattern-making. When you come to us to develop your glove, we use our wealth of patterns to develop the right pattern for you.


Yes, we sell and provide materials. If you are developing leather gloves, we encourage you to purchase our glove leather. We can consider this cost into your sample making and production price if you so wish.


We depend on samples to steer us towards your final product. We fabricate samples as needed based on your destination.


We have no minimums, and we will provide you tiered pricing to help you get the most bang for your buck.