Woodstock Plastics Co., Inc. provides a wide array of packaging servicse.

Whatever your product application, Sporting Goods, Footwear, Household Products, Child Safety Products, Water Filtration, Infant Nutrition, Food Industry, Medical, Toys, Animal Health Care, Environmental, Display, Packaging, Flooring, Automobile, Processes For Plastic Applications, Woodstock Plastics can develop innovative solutions to meet your product needs. We follow through with the highest standards at each of stage of developement and production

Because of the diversity of our operations, our customers benefit from our ability to maintain cost containment from the initial product development through manufacturing.

Woodstock Plastics can handle Injection Molding, Blow Molding, RF/Dielectric Sealing, Custom Thermoforming, Die Cutting, Slitting, Sheeting, Shearing, Riveting, Sonic... (more)