Small family owned weaving mill

Woven dobby and jacquard fabric manufacturer.

Robert Fortinsky, whose parents and grandparents were weavers, founded Fortune Fabrics on November 14, 1949. Initially the company wove rayon and silks for dress goods. In 1955, the company entered the neckwear business. Hard work enabled the business to continue expanding and in 1967 the company started weaving upholstery fabrics and added the selling arm of the company, Wyoming Weavers. In 1984, Robert's daughter, Jill, joined her father to continue the tradition of a family business.

With father and daughter management at the helm, this upholstery mill continues to satisfy manufacturers with its personalized service,... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


A designer can send in their own design or a sample - we generate it on CAD add weaves and weave the fabric.


We weave anything from 50 yards to any amount