The Chicago Pattern Maker

Xochil Herrera Scheer provides professional fashion design services to businesses and individuals in the Chicago area, and remotely to clients throughout the US. Xochil is a detail oriented, results driven task master, and enjoys the analytic side of fashion, making products come to life through strategic sourcing and technical details. She has a strong skill set in technical design, pattern making, material sourcing and production management. She has a keen understanding of the production process through working with various factories and being closely involved with clients throughout the development process. Her background in tailoring and alterations, has helped shape her... (more)


I work with clients to establish or refine their product design through CAD design flat sketches and technical specification packages (tech packs). If additional sourcing of professional materials or trims is required, I can also assist with that. Through product testing with patterns and samples, the tech pack will evolve and be finalized with details as the product becomes production ready.


My primary job is that of pattern making and I enjoy it most. I specialize in working with stretch knits, including active wear, sports wear and casual apparel. I enjoy working with products designed for outdoor and performance activities, as well as accessory items such as bags. I work with both women's and men's apparel and accessories. I do not work with children's apparel.


I can create fit and pre-production samples and have professional industrial machines including single needle lockstitch, overlock and cover stitch capabilities in my studio. I also have access to flat seaming (flatlock), bar tacking, buttonholes, and other machines through local sewing contractors that I work with. Typically factory contractors are involved once fit samples are approved and your design, pattern and tech pack are finalized.


I do not personally mass produce products, but I can assist you as a production manager working with you through bulk material orders, managing your factory communication and QC points in order to ensure a successful production run with your chosen factory. I can especially be helpful when working with factories which I already have an established relationship with.