Activewear, Pattern making, Athletic uniforms and sportswear

YSS Athletics is a full service manufacturer producing goods primarily for active wear and athletic sportswear. Our specific equipment provides our clients with a superior sewn product. YSS Athletic has its own brand of athletic apparel such as football, cheerleading, baseball/softball, wrestling and lacrosse are just a few. We are also wide format sublimation printers. Our embroidery and screen print departments are able to decorate garments which we produce.
YSS Athletics has the ability to begin with the newest designer who has only designs and walk them thru the technical aspect, patterns, prototyping, sampling, sourcing... (more)


1. Our technical department has the ability to work with new client ideas and draw out the important information necessary. 2. The goal to not only begin the product development phase but have the ability to get it to market. 3. Through the technical phase of the project, YSS identifies what goods will be required for production. 4. We have the capacity to produce Tech Packs which capture the necessary information for production such as size specs, logo placement and requirements, sewing instructions, fabrications needed are just a few.


1. We use the AccuMark pattern system for all pattern making. This system integrates well with other pattern and cutting software systems. 2. Bring your ideas, drawing or prototypes to create patterns for initial sampling. 3. Our pattern department has the ability to drape patterns for a superior fit garment. 4. We have many patterns available for purchase developed for our brand which can be purchased to use as your own brand 5. Patterns are created with the "end in mind" so patterns shouldn't need changed for large production runs. 6. We also sell our from our pattern library patterns used daily for our own brand of active apparel.


1. YSS Athletics has a great working relationship with many mills that we can connect clients with. 2. YSS Athletics does carry a large inventory of stretch knits for clients with needs in this area. 3. Clients with large production needs, we are able to provide the necessary materials for the projects.


1. Our sample department is able to produce market ready samples for our clients to take to market before investing in large production runs. 2. Samples are made separate from our full production runs allowing a shorter turnaround for samples. 3. Any orders under 25 units are considered a sample run.


1. We have folders and attachments added to our sewing stations for easier production. 2. All products are cut using a Gerber CAD cutting system for consistency of garments every time.


1. With the many sewing stations set up for production we have the ability to keep your products domestic. 2. We have very low minimums with volume discounts for large production runs. Our minimums are 26 units for production runs. 3. We do contract sewing for several large brands with substantial production volumes. 4. Current production runs are average orders of 1000 units