artisanal hand-made interiors, home and accessories

Hello! I run a small, hand-made, handbag company and in addition I help people sample and prototype accessories. I also do interiors installations and special leather-related home/art projects. I can help you do anything from pattern making and sample-making & small production of handmade products to leather applications on furniture and interiors, and special home decor projects. I have a great working relationship with some of the top furniture designers in NYC and highly skilled leather interiors artisans- if I can't help you directly, I am betting I can hook you up with someone who can!


If you have an idea of something made out of leather, we can discuss the types of leather you might need, how to move forward with the concept, and whether or not different elements might need to be revised.


I can take a look at what you are wanting to make and tell you whether or not I can also do the pattern. If I cannot do it, I can refer you to someone who can.


I have NUMEROUS sources for leather, hardware, etc. In addition and because of my work experience with global artisans, I am able to help you source indigenous textiles, leathers, hardware, etc. If you have your own raw material already, that is great- but if you need help, I can help you.


Depending on what you would like to sample, I can more then likely handle this for you. If not, I know many talented producers who can. My specialty is hand-stitched, artisanal leather items, that are made from natural leathers. Basically anything out of leather, I can help you make OR I can refer you to someone else who can. The only thing leather related I CANNOT help you with is shoes. sorry :(


I would probably not want to get involved in anything over 500 pieces for small items or 200 for larger items, but if you need numbers over that, I can give you advice on people who do :)