When it absolutely has to be perfect!

For over forty years, we have provided decorative and luxury plating services to numerous jewelry brands and custom product designers.

We are a passionate and experienced team of technicians and metal specialists. We provide you the very best in technical expertise and product strategy.

We also offer product cost modeling services so your final design meets the profit imperatives of your business and the marketplace.

At Artisan plating we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients a diverse range of precious metal coatings suitable for your fashion choices.

We offer several shades of gold plating including rose gold. Our extensive experience... (more)


We can assist you at the earliest stages of new product development by providing technical expertise, material selection and fabrication guidelines to ensure that your project will have a high degree of commercial success.


We can provide you with the critical parameters necessary to determine the most efficient use of materials and processes for executing your design geometry.


We can create proof of concept plating samples based on your sketches. This will ensure that you will have a full understanding of the cost and manufacturing parameters needed to produce and sell your product in the marketplace.


We can assist you with all aspects of your supplier value chain including source selection, best manufacturing strategies, as well as final production set-up.


We provide decorative electroplating services suitable for mass production and high luxury limited edition products.