Handbag Manufacturing in the USA

Baikal Inc. is the leading handbag and accessories factory in the United States.
We work with new designers as well as top established brands to make samples and production at the highest quality. Some of the top designer names in the industry have started with us from their first sample to where they are now.


Yes. We help with all aspects of Development and Production of Handbags and Accessories. If you present us with your ideas, samples, etc. we can help you see what is possible, how to make your product better, and help with sourcing all aspects of the project. Feel free to contact us for an appointment or a phone consultation.


Yes, we have 5 full-time pattern and samplemakers on staff. You need to give us a sketch, image, or existing sample and we can make your patterns and samples for you. Our patterns are made ready for production.


Yes we provide some materials. We can provide generic hardware, custom hardware, zipper, heat stamp molds, custom lining, some fabrics, custom dust bags, and some leather. Usually customer supplies leather or unique outside material. If you come to our showroom or view our website, you can see samples of our sourcing capabilities. www.handbag.net


Yes we have 5 full-time samplemakers on staff who can help you create your perfect samples. We do samples from sketches or existing bags or images. We have some of the top samplemakers in the world. They can work with all types of materials from fabric to leather to exotics.


Yes we can. We make cutting dies for production, dies and tools to apply hardware, punches, attachments for binding, unique tools.


Yes we do small and large production. Our minimum is 8pc/color/style for leather bags, and 24pc/color/style for fabric bags and small leather goods. We can make up to several thousand units a month.