Behind the Scenes: IceStone

It was such a great experience visiting the IceStone factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Sarah Corey, who acts as the entire marketing department for IceStone, gave us a thorough tour of the manufacturing facility as well as offering some deep insight into their operations.

IceStone began with a simple concept; transform waste glass into something beautiful. They have done just that by achieving a great balance of design and sustainability. Their products are known worldwide for outstanding quality and the devotion to responsible practice from process to product.


Sarah was so kind as to give us a tour around the manufacturing facility which is actually located in the same building as their offices. The factory was vast and filled with a variety of heavy machinery. It was a very unique experience stepping into such an industrial complex which was less than a mile away from the Maker’s Row offices. She showed us the process of transforming the recycled glass and other raw materials into their finished IceStone slabs used for counter tops and other surfaces.


Through our discussion with Sarah we got a good feel for what sets them apart: people buying IceStone’s products are concerned with responsibility both environmentally and socially. Their clients have a propensity to buy local and made in America products over those that are globally sourced.


Here at Maker’s row we aim to position ourselves to be the best resource for brands and designers to connect with manufacturers in the USA. We are proud to feature makers like IceStone on our website as our values align in many regards. Check out IceStone’s profile on Maker’s Row HERE.

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