4 Maker’s Row Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

The team at Maker’s Row has been busy adding new features to the site every month to make it easier for you to connect with manufacturers. To keep you up to speed, we have laid out 4 of our most favorite and newest tools that can help you in the factory sourcing process that you may not know about:

1.) Factory Notes

A great way to stay organized while browsing factories is to utilize the “Notes” feature. If you see a factory that may work well with your product, leave yourself a quick note and then keep searching! You can view all of your notes by navigating to your account drop-down and then click “All notes”.


2.) Attachments

Did you know that you can attach your Maker’s Row Project, as well as other media files, to your messages to factories? Adding projects and media files will help manufacturers get a better idea of your product, and you are more likely to get a response.


3.) Filter by response rate

It can be frustrating waiting for a response from factories when you want your business to progress quickly. The good news is that you can filter your search by response rate! If a factory has a 75% response rate or higher, you will see it listed on their profile.

 filter by response

4.) Capabilities tab

Looking for small batch manufacturing? Take a look at the factories “Capabilities” tab to see if they listed as small or large batch production!


small batch


What is your favorite tool on Maker’s Row? Let us know in the comments below! 

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