America’s Oldest Hat Maker

Even before the invention of the automobile, Bollman Hat Company was specializing in quality hat production. Bollman Hats was founded in 1868 by George Bollman and continues to make the world’s finest felt and straw hats in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to wool felt headwear, Bollman Hats starts with raw wool which is scoured in its San Angelo, Texas plant and then blends, cards, felts, dyes, blocks and finishes in Pennsylvania.

Maker's Row Factory Visit Bollman Hat Company

Bollman has worked with private labels right from the beginning. They now have an impressive big brand client list including Rag & Bone and JCrew.

In the early days of the 1860s and 1870s, Bollman specialized in wool felt men’s hats in black only. By 1900 they branched out into women’s styles and produce a myriad of shapes and colors like you wouldn’t believe.

FILE: The Bollman Hat Company Factory

What also makes Bollman unique is its organizational structure. In 1985, they established an employee stock ownership program (ESOP), making every U.S. based employee an owner of the business.

Maker's Row Factory Visit Bollman Hat Company

A few notes about working with Bollman:

– Bollman is flexible to their client’s needs. They can produce and sell hat bodies for milliners or work with private labels to create finished product lines

– MOQs start at 72 for standard shapes, but can vary based on hat shape

– They have hat designers on staff to help you develop the perfect sample, providing color palette, shape prototypes and CAD drawing assistance

Maker's Row Factory Visit Bollman Hat Company

Bollman is dedicated to the American made initiative, producing over 25,000 hats a week. They have a long and rich heritage of manufacturing in the U.S. Bollman is the Founding Member of American Made Matters, a consortium of over 250 U.S. manufacturers in forty states. American Made Matters’ mission is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.

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“We have the ability to change our economy and to strengthen our communities one purchase at a time. American consumers have tremendous economic clout and they need to realize the importance of buying American made goods whenever possible,” says Don Rongione, President and CEO of Bollman Hats. “It only takes few seconds to look at a tag or to ask a sales person if they carry any made in USA brands. We know it’s not possible to buy everything Made in USA, but by making small efforts when possible we have the ability to create jobs and better opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

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