Why You Need To Art Direct Your Instagram Photos

As a fashion entrepreneur, everything you do needs to be on brand. This includes the products you create, how you communicate, the brands you choose to associate with, and of course, imagery. This is because now more than ever, photos are helping to shape how a brand is perceived.

It’s no surprise that Instagram is one platform that is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use, journal-like feed and instant feedback. While it’s easy to take a photo and post it to your account, that photo still has to be reflective of your brand’s voice and also look really good. Unlike regular consumers using Instagram, you have to take a step back and realize that each photo and piece of copy you put out impacts your brand and can essentially serve as a mini advertisement for your business.

This is why you need to consider art directing your photos. It doesn’t mean that your posts shouldn’t be in real time or not authentic, but should be crafted with your style in mind. Also, clarity and composition should be something you think about with each shot along with how that photo is going to help tell the story of your brand.

Titania Inglis, a New York-based designer’s Instagram profile says “nature + geometry = clothing.” One quick glance at her photo stream, you’ll see that she has a certain look that is a seamless fit with her lush minimal aesthetic. Not only does her feed, made up of her work, adventures and inspiration, keep you enthralled on Instagram, it also makes you want to see her collection and learn more, ultimately showing how you can take a consumer on a brand journey with the help of beautiful content.

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