4 Tools to Find the Perfect Intern

With the start of the summer internship season upon us, employers are looking to bring in qualified interns to join their teams. However, the process of finding the perfect candidate can be daunting.

As the research intern at Maker’s Row I personally think Matt & Tanya did a great job in their intern search. Here are four tools that Maker’s Row uses in our hiring process which I hope will make your search to find an intern easier.

1. Put your job posts up on these popular platforms:

  • Indeed.com: Indeed.com is an easy to use platform that can help you find both future interns and full-time hires. As I can attest, Indeed is also a great place to find a job (I found this internship on Indeed).
  • InternMatch: InternMatch is a site dedicated entirely to connecting employers with those seeking internships. An attractive and easy to use interface makes this specialized job site ideal for employers and prospective interns to connect.
  • Idealist: Idealist.org is a valuable resource for those seeking positions in the nonprofit or volunteering world. However, a search for design or fashion also yields thousands of results. Looking to get an stellar intern for your eco-chic blog or startup fashion nonprofit? Idealist might be the site for you.

2. Do some digging on LinkedIn

Besides posting your open positions on LinkedIn, the site can also be a valuable resource to proactively find and recruit potential candidates.

LinkedIn offers you tools to pinpoint the perfect intern. Explore your professional and personal connections and use the site’s filters to refine your search. You can sort candidates by how closely they’re connected to you, their location, experience level and more.

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Plus, once you find a candidate you think might be a good fit, it’s easy to reach out to them through InMail.

3. Leverage your alumni connections

Another great way to connect with new hires is by leveraging your alumni connections.

Universities often provide job-posting platforms that alumni can access and list open positions on. These sites are a helpful way to get the word out to qualified potential interns, plus you and the candidate already have at least one thing in common which is a great way to get a productive conversation started!

4. Get organized on Workable

Workable is a great way to organize your search for the perfect intern. Its well-designed dashboard allows you to monitor all of your open positions as well as the candidates who have applied to them. It also integrates with job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

From application, to phone screens, to interviews and beyond, Workable helps you keep track of candidates as they move forward in the hiring process. Additionally, once the job is posted and you start getting responses, you can include others in your office to help collaborate with the candidate screening process.

Good luck with your searching!