How to Order From a Label Manufacturer

When you realize how many inquiries a label manufacturer receives daily, you will want to custom tailor your request so that it goes to the top of the list (and more importantly, so that it’s answered). It’s often that manufacturers will receive emails or calls from people who are not prepared, and who do not have the basic information for them to quote a custom label.

To ensure that your project is taken seriously, the most important ingredients to include and send along are:


Most companies require at least an Adobe Illustrator or a PDF file. Anything other or less than these formats can result in fees to bring the artwork into a format that is what we call “workable.

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Material Required:

There are many types of labels. Woven, PVC labels, silicone labels, dome, printed labels, embroidered patches, leather patches, etc. Make sure to be specific with the kind and type of label you would like quoted.


This element is extremely important. Be sure tonclude any drawings that show a fold, sew channel, or any other custom touch your product may require.

Number of Colors with the Pantone Colors:

Most label prices are calculated  around the number of colors, besides the size and quantity. Be prepared to confirm the number of colors in your design and include the pantone numbers as well. If you do not have pantone colors, indicate what you will send the company in order for them to match a color. Our factory, Flexsystems USA receives fabric swatches to match specific colors.

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How the label will be adhered to your product:

Will this be a sewn label, a heat seal label, or will you use adhesives?


Ask them the MOQ (minimum order quantity), and ask for several quantities. Also, question at what volume they see discounts in the pricing structure.

Forecast if possible:

When you send a label manufacturer a forecast, this gives your project more credibility. If you do not have one, it’s not compulsory; simply do not include.

Final Elements to Check:

→Any requirements?
→ASTM standards?
→Safety issues?

If a factory is making PVC labels for a line of baby wear, label manufacturers need to know this. There are very specific requirements for this age group. And if you need to meet certain ASTM requirements (i.e. flame resistant or UL40), you should state this information as well.

Have any questions about what ASTM requirements are, MOQ’s, or other specifics? Ask us in the comments!

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