Say Goodbye To 14-Hour Cold Brews, And Other Time Saving Hacks

Here’s a morning hack: cooling your coffee with the Coil Chiller. This bad boy uses ice – via a barrier – to cool your fresh pot of java, but doesn’t expose it to the melt factor. Definitely not an iced coffee, it totally sidesteps the fourteen-hour cold brewing process by delivering an icy drink in 40 seconds.

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Need more time-saving hacks? Read on for ten of our best.

  • • Cashola walks the walk when you’re grabbing your morning coffee – no waiting around for a signed receipt that takes literal hours to print. Time saved: 1 minute.
  • • When you’re buying things you typically need weekly or monthly, do it online and set up recurring orders. Time saved: 10 minutes.
  • • Buy pre-cut veggies! Chopping always takes longer than you think. Time saved: 20 minutes.
  • • Absorb your podcasts even faster by setting them to double-speed. You can still comprehend them, and you’ll squeeze in twice the brain food. Time saved: Half of your favorite podcast.
  • • Automatic plant-waterers and soil-moisteners are the best. Time saved: 2 minutes per plant.
  • • Have a capsule wardrobe for the work week. Hey, Steve Jobs did it.Time saved: 20 minutes of umming and aahing.
  • • Use services like Handy, FlyCleaners and Taskrabbit to do those tasks you didn’t want to do anyway – it could be dropping off your laundry or even picking up your groceries. Time saved: 60 minutes per task.
  • • Set incremental deadlines to check off your workload in bite-sized pieces. Time saved: 30 minutes of stress.
  • • Use handy dictation for texts and notes. Time saved: Valuable seconds.
  • • No time to iron? Hang up your clothes in the bathroom so they steam while you shower. Time saved: 20 minutes.
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