Testing Your Product Concept

Testing your product idea before you actually start the development process is integral to receiving the feedback you need from your target audience. It also helps you work out if your idea is in fact viable, and can save $$$ as you proceed with any tweaks that need to be made before getting started with development.

How do you test a product?

A couple of things to consider when you launch into product idea testing: the type of product it is (apparel? accessories? furniture?) and your testing budget. One of the most cost-effective ways to get the information you need is to send out a survey to identify your target market, and to ensure the product is something this group of people would actually find useful or necessary.

What are the pressing questions?

  • • Will the product appeal to a large audience?
  • • Keep tabs on the surveyed sample of people – there will likely be patterns connecting the people who like the idea, which is how you’ll determine your target market.
  • • Does it fill a niche? How does it differentiate from similar items on the market?
  • • Who is your ideal customer?
  • • How much would they pay for this product? Moreover, are they actually willing to buy, or do they just admire it as a concept?
  • • What need does your product meet, and can your surveyed group identify it?
  • • Once you’ve made the required changes based on feedback, you can start the sample-making process. From there, you’ll then do firm product testing (rather than concept testing) to ensure it works or performs the way you’d intended.
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This post was inspired by an earlier article by Jennifer Philbrook of Stitch Method.

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