The Factories You Didn’t Find At MAGIC

Didn’t get the chance to stop by Sourcing at MAGIC? That doesn’t mean you can’t have access to some of our favorite factories. If accessories and apparel are the name of your game, these are some choice options to take you from ideation to production.

1. Bergio| Fairfield, NJ

Traditional craftsmanship informs the manufacturing process at Bergio, a New Jersey-based jewelry factory that works with high-quality materials, including gold, silver, diamonds and platinum. Earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings are all in their (very large) wheelhouse, so if it’s shoulderdusters or knuckledusters you need, Bergio is your factory.

2. Rede Finer | Queens, NY

At Rede Finer, you’ll find a factory that’s experienced in all things accessory and accoutrement. Specializing in ties, bowties, and hats of all stripes, this Queens-based manufacturer and showroom works with beginners through to big brands, and can handle large production runs while also being open to small batch orders.

3. Black Anchor Manufacturing | Tacoma, WA

For leather and canvas bags, wallets and other small leather goods, Tacoma, Washington is your destination. It’s the site of Black Anchor Manufacturing, a small- and large-batch friendly factory happy to work with beginners and established brands alike. For ideation, pattern-making, sample-making and production, Black Anchor Manufacturing is a tried-and-true stalwart.

4. Unionwear | Newark, NJ

Not limited to cut-and-sew capabilities, Newark, New Jersey’s Unionwear handles every facet of manufacturing: ideation through to production, while considering budgets and re-engineering to get you the best price for the right-sized batch. Working specifically with textile accessories, Unionwear’s knowledge of fabric is second to none.

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5. Krys Design + Manufacturing | Philadelphia, PA

Krys Design + Manufacturing, or KD+M, are here to make sure that your pre-production stages are taken as seriously as production itself. In-house stitchers, pattern-makers, and a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment means that this factory in the town of brotherly love can hold your hand from ideation through to production for accessories, apparel, and just about anything that requires stitching.

6. Plain Stitches | Lancaster County, PA

Also in Pennsylvania, you’ll find Plain Stitches. Family-owned with expertise in denim, twill, knits and stretch fabrics, the Gordonville factory is staffed by Amish and Mennonite seamstresses, who use the skills taught in their communities for generations. From fitting apparel to constructing home furnishings, Plain Stitches accommodates designers new and established for orders big and small.

7. Allen Manufacturing | Lewiston, ME

Here’s a stat for you: in the past three years, Allen Manufacturing have delivered more than 2,000,00 million units to satisfied customers. How satisfied? Less than 10 have been returned. We like the odds on that. For contract sewing, die cutting, light assembly and knitting, this factory in Lewiston, Maine is a great starting point.

8. Dynotex Inc | Brooklyn, NY

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, you’ll find Dynotex, a full-service hub for apparel manufacturing. As fluent in pattern making as they are in grading and marking, Dynotex works closely with brands of all sizes for a transparent product development process – and don’t have a minimum order requirement. Plus, they’ll work with woven and knitted fabrics, silk and stretch – just name your poison.

9. Clothier Design Source | South Saint Paul, MN

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If individual attention is what you crave, CDS provides the support you need. They’ll help you work out a custom game plan for your order,and have more than 20 in-house experts in sewn goods and garment production to assist with ideation. Definitely worth the trip to Minnesota!

10. The American Knitting Company | Brooklyn, NY

For your knitwear needs, The American Knitting Company will be your new best friend. Using the latest multi-gauge knitting technology from Stoll, the factory can assist from ideation right through to production – including pattern-making, sourcing and storing yarn, and providing an in-house designer to assist with all facets of sample making.

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