Product Design That Makes You Think Twice

We love product design, especially when it makes you see everyday objects in an entirely new way. Here’s five of our faves – we know you’ll love them too!

Coil Chiller

Freshly brewed iced coffee isn’t a phrase you hear often. That’s where MGCO’s Coil Chiller comes in – this number speed-chills your morning caffeine without exposing it to the diluting powers of melting ice. We’re on board.


The Homemade Gin Kit

If your cocktail calls for gin but your booze cabinet’s running low, reach for a bottle of vodka instead. That plus W&P’s Homemade Gin Kit turns out a juniper-infused tipple that’s just as good as the real thing.


Hummingbird Feeder

This Jay Schatz bauble is exactly the kind of thing that makes you say, ‘what is that?’ Designed to feed hummingbirds and beautify your backyard, we love the bold color, airhorn shape and avian-friendly functionality.


Banana Shaker

When your guests reach for the bananas on your dining table, they’ll be in for a surprise. Michiko Shimada’s porcelain set injects fun into a subdued table setting, and the unglazed finish remains ripe long past a real banana’s lifespan.



Shoe Pot

Whatever it may signify, sneakers hanging from powerlines never lose that urban legend edge. Bring a slightly subversive vibe into your home with Wyatt Little’s plant pot – it adds greenery, whimsy, and you’ll never stop staring.


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