Everyday Luxury With Esclusso

The beauty of Esclusso’s centerpiece candles lies in their ability to be whatever you want them to be. Light each wick (there are eight!) for even burning that uniformly melts the wave shape, or pick a few for soft illumination and a malleable wax sculpture.


Meeting in 1993, Esclusso founders Meg and Bart bonded over a shared love of all things art, from architecture to sculpture to the natural world. Becoming interior designers, both aimed to capture their love of myriad forms of art in built spaces. Later, the pair married, eventually settling in Chicago in 2012.


The Esclusso signature wave candle is rendered in earthy hues and softly popping brights, easily mixed and matched for subtle sophistication that elevates your living space. We’re loving it for the upcoming holiday season – cozy, elegant and unusual.

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