5 Furniture Factories with Quirky Capabilities

Created due to popular demand, here’s a list of some of our favorite furniture manufacturers on Maker’s Row! Once we started our research, we were amazed by the “out of the box” products that some of our furniture manufacturers are able to make – yurts, theatre sets, and more! The term “furniture” can be quite broad. Here are 5 furniture manufacturers that span across the country.  

Clean Air Woodworks


Matt Rogers, the founder of Clean Air, focuses on small batch production and handles a wide range of objects from large products (as big as yurts!) to small ones (like cutting boards).

Quirky product: yurts

Average rating: 5 stars

Response rate: 100%

What they make: wooden tables, adirondack chairs, benches, housewares (can also work with metal, plastic, fiberglass, stone, and leather)

Location: New Paltz, NY

Pickett Furniture


A fully outfitted workshop based in Brooklyn, NY, Pickett’s space is home to a dozen other creative manufacturers and brands – its Red Hook headquarters can satisfy of all your design and production needs.

Quirky product: custom bike frames

Response rate: 86%

What they make: credenzas, rocking chairs

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Interior Custom Creations


Interior Custom Creations specializes in interior trim, custom staircases, and furniture. Fun fact: prior to launching the company, the owners renovated an aquarium!

Quirky product: custom staircases + playhouses

Average rating: 5 stars

What they make: entertainment centers, cabinets, furniture, fireplace mantels

Location: Camden, NC

Carpenter Koby Downs


Carpenter Koby Downs welcomes beginners to his shop. He emphasizes his commitment to working with start-ups by providing design and spec assistance as needed.

Quirky product: theater sets + trade show displays

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Response rate: 100%

What they make: wooden furniture, cutting and serving utensils, acoustic panels

Location: Atlanta, GA

Treeline Woodworks


The team at Treeline travels throughout the country to collect salvaged wood from renovation and demolition projects. The wood ranges from 70 to 100 years old and is used to craft unique products.

Quirky product: anything with reclaimed wood

Response rate: 100%

What they make: shelves, counters, benches, dressers

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Bonus: Anchor and Canvas


Anchor and Canvas is a Brooklyn based fabrication shop working in wood, metal and textiles. They work closely with artists and designers, and specialize in one of a kind, prototype and small run pieces.

Quirky product: custom made stand up desks

What they make: wooden furniture, sofas, benches, frames

Location: Brooklyn, NY



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