Giving Back: Socially Conscious Businesses

The holidays are a great time for reflection. In the spirit of giving, we looked back at some of our favorite posts celebrating social entrepreneurship and the act of giving back. The businesses highlighted here make conscious effort, and in most cases, have structured their brands in support of social causes.

The Austin Factory Training Refugees for a New Life


Experience behind the scenes at at Open Arms, a Texas factory providing recently relocated refugee women with training and gainful employment opportunities in manufacturing.

Product Design for Cancer Patients


Karen MacDonald founded her product line with a specific demographic in mind: women receiving or recovering from cancer treatments. She offers useful tips on consumer research and practical design.

5 American Factories with Military History


Many of the factories on Maker’s Row support veterans and active service members through work opportunities and charitable acts.

Making Ethically Sourced Jewelry In America


Bario Neal was built on the founding principles of transparency, traceability, and equality. They want to make meaningful change in the jewelry industry, which has been riddled with ecological and ethical challenges in the past.

Social Entrepreneurship: The Designers Who Are Making It Work

Here, we highlighted three brands making a difference: Ugmonk, Blessed Lotus, and Caged Collective. Get inspired by these stories of giving back.



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Inject passion into your product; contact nearly 10,000 factories through Maker’s Row. Many of our factories openly support ethical and sustainable manufacturing. A search for “eco-friendly” on the platform yields 44 results.



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