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Last week, the Maker’s Row team had the pleasure of visiting Dynotex, Inc., a high-quality apparel production house based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The owners, Alan and Annie Ng, have decades of experience in the industry. Although they work with many large brands, they are also open to working with new brands.

The warm and giving pair will coach beginners through the process of design and manufacturing and even go out of the way to recommend materials suppliers. Although they typically ask for a minimum order quantity of 300, they are willing to bend the rules sometimes. Alan Ng spoke with us on how he develops long-term relationships with new brands and what advice he has for this particular clientele segment as they prepare to work with factories.

On Beginners

Preparation for Production

You may have heard Alan mention in the video that Maker’s Row offers a suite of introductory courses for first-time designers. If you want detailed instructions through the pre-production and production processes, pre-register for our Prototyping 101, and register for our Production 101 and Sourcing 101 courses. Our Academy distributes these educational guides for free! Over the duration of each course, expect a new lesson in your inbox each day.


Contacting Factories

Contact Dynotex, Inc. through Maker’s Row! We also have nearly 10,000 other factories in apparel, accessories, furniture, packaging, and more to choose from!

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