Watch: An Entrepreneur’s Motivations – Redefining Underwear

The motivation behind Thundress

This week, the Maker’s Row team had the pleasure of meeting Tylea Richard, the founder of Thundress, a brand producing 100% organic cotton, non-toxic undergarments made in America. Tylea developed the idea when she discovered that the fabric typically used in undergarments contains harmful chemicals that can seep into the body and damage health. She used Maker’s Row to find her manufacturing partners. In addition to making healthful garments available for purchase, Thundress has created a community of people interested in demystifying women’s health issues openly and truthfully.

The company is in its early stages and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Tylea has already raised $14,138 from 235 backers, nearly double her original goal of $7,500. The campaign expires on December 9th.

We compiled a short video in which Tylea discusses how the struggles of being entrepreneur as well as the community of users and consumers that motivate her to push forward.

Hear from Tylea

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