Small Batch Jewelry Manufacturers You Should Know

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We’ve compiled a list of 7 Small Batch Jewelry Factories doing big things for small business, emerging designers and even some very large brands looking to create unique jewelry products.  Whether you’re ready to start producing on a larger scale, just getting started or looking for a low minimum partner, small batch manufacturing, these proudly ‘Made in America’ factories can help take your ideas to product.

All Jewelry Contracting (AJC)

New York, NY

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From concept to finish, AJC is a full service manufacturer of fine jewelry. Integrating all components of manufacturing under one roof guaranteeing efficiency, speed, quality and exclusivity, surpassing nearly all competition in the industry. They offer quality model and mold-making, stone setting, polishing, finishing, patina and casting in brass, bronze, silver, platinum and all karats and colors of gold.

Omerica MFG

Denver, CO

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Omerica specializes in jewelry manufacturing. Their process is efficient and allows you to start with just a jewelry idea, it could be as simple as a sketch on a napkin. They create a workspace for their clients, allowing for better collaboration and production ease.


New York, NY

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Shootdigital’s process is ideal for study models through ideation, prototyping and comps via their metal and precious metal plating options. They have partnered with two high-end service providers to offer the perfect complement to their suite of services. The first is a metal plating company that allow us to produce and finish accessories, jewelry, and hardware prototypes in 24k gold, silver, nickel, copper and rhodium, among other specialty materials such as “black gold”, “gunmetal”, etc. They can also print prototypes in pure stainless steel with an incredibly high resolution and finish quality. 

Christine McPartland – Earwings

New York, NY

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Christine McPartland has been in the business over 31 years and has a vast knowledge of the industry. She does everything from design, to metal fabrication, to casting, to model-making, to production and much more. Earwinsg will walk you clients from the beginning to the end of the jewelry creation process, while offering many options for metals ranging from pewter to silver to gold. They like working with all levels of designers, from large brands to novices.


Somers, NY


MelinDesign works with small and upcoming jewelry designers looking to get their jewelry designs produced in the U.S.  Once a client provides the materials for their product along with a sample or image, MelinDesign will create the piece following your specific instruction. They are dedicated to providing technically correct, quality, handmade work for small businesses.

Charlton & Lola

New York, NY

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Located in the historic Diamond District, Charlton & Lola can help everyone from students to large brands with model making, repairs, duplication of lost pieces, bead jewelry production, and sourcing gemstones, crystals, and beads. Founder Lisa Owusu fell in love with the traditions surrounding jewelry in Ghana, which she used to help build her brand.

Rome Fastener Corporation

Milford, CT


Rome Fastener Cooperation focuses on creating everything from snap rings, buckles, and rivets for your design. They can assist in ideation using state of the art 3-d software, creating models for your designs, and produce your fasteners in their 50,000 square foot factory in Milford, CT.

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