How to Start a Jewelry Factory

The Maker’s Row team took a trip up to Chelsea to visit one of our newest jewelry manufacturers All Jewelry Contracting.  AJC is a full service manufacturer of fine jewelry, integrating all components of manufacturing under one roof. 

Dion, CEO of All Jewelry Contracting (AJC), is a proud leader in the New York City manufacturing scene.  He shares how his passion for jewelry production started at the age of 8, visiting his dad at work.  He explains the vital role mentorship plays in  running a successful factory.

“There is No Better Mentor Than Your Dad”

Preparation for Production

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Contacting Factories

Contact AJC through Maker’s Row! We also have nearly 10,000 other factories in apparel, accessories, furniture, packaging, and more to choose from!

Here are some tips for working with factories:

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