Photo Series Inside Garment Center Factories

The Garment District (also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or the Fashion Center) is a Manhattan neighborhood comprised mostly of fashion-related business. The neighborhood is home to many showrooms and major fashion labels.  In less than 1 square mile, NYC’s fashion center covers all aspects of the fashion process from design and production to wholesale selling. Here is a look inside the factories that lie between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Streets at fashion manufacturing and fashion design.

Development + Manufacturing Studio

“We focus on contemporary and luxury design with strengths in tailoring, suiting, outerwear, soft-wovens tops and dresses, as well as shirting.”



Timeless Hat Factory

“Our hats are made by hand in our New York City factory using the are-old Millinery technique of hand-blocking over wooden hat forms.”

garment district nyc hat factory


American-Made Footwear

“Our team has mastered the development and production process over a number of years and now provides our private label offering in one seamless supply chain.”

shoe factory nyc garment district

Photo Credit; Hunter White

Streamlined Apparel Production

“We work diligently and efficiently to personify the benefits of domestic production for our clients.”

garment district apparel factory

garment district apparel factory

Leading Handbag + Accessories Manufacturing

“We work with new designers as well as top established brands to make samples and production at the highest quality.”



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NYC Fashion Manufacturing Industry

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