The American Spirit Celebrated

Fourth of July is a time where we reflect on the birth of the United States of America and celebrate time together with friends and family.  For centuries, this holiday has been commemorated by firework shows across the country.

Lifting the American Spirit

The first celebration of fireworks was held in Philadelphia a year after the Declaration of Independence was adopted.  Before the Revolutionary War was even won against the British, US citizens came together to raise spirits and morale toward freedom. The night of July 4, the Philadelphia sky was illuminated in a grand display, and soon other cities started following this same celebratory tradition.

American-Made Light Show

Though fireworks did not originate in the United States, there are many factories throughout the country producing the products and helping to keep the tradition alive. Though anyone can purchase firecrackers or sparklers to participate in celebrating the nation’s birthday, pyrotechnicians and pyrotech artists are the experts responsible for the illuminated sky show. These experts are responsible for coordination, design, and operations of aerial fireworks.

Kip Petersen, a Colorado-licensed pyrotechnician, connects about 2,200 feet of low-voltage wires and cables to high-density polyethylene mortar tubes July 3, prior to the “4th on the 3rd” Independence Day celebration at Ironhorse Park. The Fort Carson fireworks show presents “no risk,” said Petersen, who earned a bachelor’s degree in wildland fire management 20 years ago and fought woodland flames in several states.

Fun Facts: America + Fireworks

  • >During 4th of July, Americans light about 175 million pounds of fireworks, which is equivalent to about 100,000 lightening bolts.
  • >The Boston firework display for July 4th is one of the most expensive shows at a record $2.5 million.
  • >New Castle, Pennsylvania, is known as the “Fireworks Capital of the America” because one of the largest fireworks companies, Zambelli Fireworks, is located there!

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