Top Tips for “Made in Philly” Entrepreneurs

Last month, Maker’s Row had the opportunity to meet local manufacturers, makers, designers, and entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia area. During the event we not only explored how to navigate and overcome challenges in product development, but also explored the specific resources and opportunities unique to Philadelphia.

 Top Tips From Philadelphia Experts

Even more advice was given during the night. If you are looking to do business or manufacture in Philadelphia, here are top resources that were mentioned:

    • Full-Length Keynote: For an in depth look at the maker and manufacturing climate in Philly, take time to watch Professor Andrew Dahlgren’s Keynote Video
    • Panelists Anna Bario and Bela Shehu recommended PIDCNextFab, and Drexel’s CO-OP program as great resources that can only be found in Philly.
    • Local factories can be found by state at

Looking for a Factory in Your Area?

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