Our Favorite Advice From Maker’s Row Live in 2016

As we come to the end of 2016, we decided to reflect on one of our most popular pieces of content: Maker’s Row Live. Every week, we interviewed an entrepreneur or business leader about their experiences and got advice for aspiring business owners. So, we decided to compile some of our favorite episodes!

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap

Dana Glaeser, the founder of leather-goods brand Slightly Alabama, had the career trajectory everyone wants. After several successful years as a Madison Avenue marketing executive, he made the leap to start his own business. During his interview he talked about taking that leap and some tips on running a business without experience.

Starting An Apparel Brand With No Experience

One of the main reasons people don’t start their own businesses is because they don’t have the knowledge. However, for a former teacher and marketer, that was just a motivating factor. Kelly and Laura from Kirrin Finch started an apparel line with no experience in the industry. In their interview, they give advice to entrepreneurs in the same position.

How to Manage Your Money Like A Boss

Once you start making money as a business, you have to learn how to manage it. That’s exactly what Pamela Capalad from Brunch and Budget specializes in. She gave advice on how to build credit, the best way to fund, and when to start to pay yourself.

4 Tips to Become A Better Entrepreneur

Ana Bianchi, who founded the kidswear line PaperGirl Collection, went from designing airplanes to designing dresses. In that journey, she learned some valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. From press to market research, she gives you the tools to be successful.

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A Reflection on 20 Years of Success

Jeff Staple is arguably the most successful designer in streetwear and in his reflection of his last twenty years he also gave invaluable advice. Jeff urged the importance of staying true to yourself and staying the course. However, he also gave practical advice from material sourcing to showing at trade shows.