Lessons from Women in Manufacturing Roundtable

In honor of Women’s History Month, we invited women leaders in manufacturing, fashion, and entrepreneurship to share their experiences.  The New York City women entrepreneurs that participated were Nicole Melendez of Habito and Nancy Forman of The Accessory Think Tank.

The Importance of Networks

There is no quick fix. That’s why its important to listen to experts. -Nancy

One thing we like to push a lot is helping the clients understand that we’re here to help, but at the same time I am also here to help you make this network and make the connections. So that at the end of the day they feel that they can move forward pass the help that I’ve given. -Nicole

Hobby vs. Brand

Do your research. Do your homework. This is important on determining where you want to position yourself. When you want to understand what type of market you want to be in. Go to the stores. Get to know who is sitting next to each other. Look at their price points to understand where you really want to position yourself and to understand whether this is something that is going to turn into a business or a really expensive hobby. -Nicole

Think of Marketing and Branding from the Beginning

Product is important, and you have to make it well. But if you have your story and are able to communicate it, then your product will materialize. Once you know who are and where you are going, your product will follow that story.  -Nicole

Know your go-to market strategy, target customers, and how your product will compete in the market.  -Nancy

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