Maker’s Row Platform Update (August 2017)

We’re constantly improving our platform to make it easier for you to find factories. Here are some of our most recent updates!

Factory Matching

Maker's Row Factory Matching

Through Maker’s Row Projects, you will now be able to get matched with factories that are the best fit for the product you are looking to produce. Some of these parameters include industry, type of product, and services needed. To use, complete a project, the click “View Factory Matches.” You will then be shown four factories, listed in order of relevency, that fit your project.

Curated Projects

Maker's Row Project Dashboard

To make sure only the most serious brands are seen by factories, we have curated the Project Dashboard to only include Maker’s Row Essentials and Concierge members. That means that it’ll be easier for factories to find your projects and connect with you! Just be sure to make your projects public!

Improved Search Page

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.39.15 PM


Instead of forcing you to pick an industry from the get go, we made improved the search page by simplifying it to one search bar — just like you’re used to! Then, you can use the filters — industry, category, state, and sort order — to refine your search.

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