10 Unique Subscription Box Ideas

Subscription boxes are recurring physical deliveries of curated niche products eagerly awaiting your perusal on the doorstep every month or so. Boxes are purposefully packaged to delight and surprise a recipient upon opening. These little beauties represent convenience, savings, and new discoveries. People purchase subscriptions for themselves or as great gifts for others. In fact, the subscription box business is a growing industry. It is estimated that over 2,000 subscription box services exist in the U.S. alone. Subscription companies benefit both the consumers and producing companies by getting consumers to think of and use existing merchandise in a new way with various bundles. 

Thinking of starting your own subscription box business? A key point to think about is the audience for the subscription box.  This should be a pre-existing community of enthusiasts which actively talks, blogs, and demonstrates real interest in the niche. Focus on a subscription box niche that people are likely to want to continuously discover more about. Most importantly, create a curated subscription box service that people connects with people emotionally. Below are ten unique subscription box ideas for pondering!

MR - Succulents

1. Succulents & Cacti
Succulents and cacti are all the rage these days. Even for those without a green thumb, succulents are easy enough for most people to grow and maintain. Succulents are versatile both indoors and outdoors. A subscription box for succulents and cacti could have differing tiers. For more serious collectors and gardeners, they would receive rare, beautiful cuttings and seeds, including collectible information cards. For novices, a differently priced tier would provide one living plant, soil, and a planter each month. 

2. For the Dance Enthusiast
Perhaps a young aspiring dancer could benefit from a dance-themed box. These could be for child to teen amateur dancers. Boxes would contain items such as hair bun makers, protein snacks, muscle balms, and dance-themed apparel. Boxes could also contain access to dance magazines, videos, and professional dance information. Boxes could be specialized by type of dance – pointe shoes for ballet, wing tips and a polka-dot dress for swing.

3. For the Cosplayer 

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Cosplay, short for costume play, is a popular subculture. Cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to look like or represent a specific character for meetups or at popular conventions like Comic Con or Dragon Con. A cosplay subscription box would contain a different themed costume character each month. They could select from various packages of different types of media – TV shows, movies, video games, and books. Customers would receive accessories, detailed photographs, instructions, and tips for enhancing the look. 

MR - Vinyl

4. Vinyl Variety
The return of the vinyl record has people digging around in stores looking for the next score for their music collection. Why not start a subscription box service so that people can get records delivered straight to their doorstep? Users would sign up to receive music or artists in their interest area, perhaps with a mix of more well-known and some up-and-coming musicians. They could receive rare, exclusive, and even unreleased albums! Boxes could include poster art, collectibles and background information about the music and artists. 


5. International Snacks Box
Customers with an interest in international cultures would be delighted to receive a curated box of rare and interesting snack foods every month. Each month could feature a different region or country. Snacks offered could cover a wide range; boxes could include beverages as well. An informational card would be included to give the background and cultural flavor profile on the items in each box. 

MR - Books

6. Obscure Books
In this technological age of e-books, there are still people who enjoy the written word on paper. For the book lover, a subscription box service of rare and obscure books would be sent each month. Each month a customer would receive 1-3 book with an associated bookmark, book light, mugs, and other accessories that pair well with the texts. For certain boxes, author-signed copies and other memorabilia could be included.

7. Exotic Pets & Animals
Step aside, dogs and cats! Some humans prefer the exotic pets like snakes, ferrets, and pigs. In this box, there would be customized choices for customers to pick from by animal. Each box would come with toys, food, and accessories for their chosen pet. Care and health products could also be included based on the exotic pet’s unique needs.


8. For the Outdoor Enthusiast
Those who love to hike, camp, rock climb, and partake in other outdoor activities would be ideal candidates for this box. Items could include healthy snacks, light survival gear, bug repellent, or a hammock. Customers could also receive national park information and tips for more local outdoor adventures. 


9. DIY Candle or Soaping Kits
This subscription box service would be for those who not only collect candles but who also want to create their own candle art. Recipients would get the raw materials, such as wax, fragrance, wicks, and detailed instructions on how to create candles. Containers would also be provided and customers would be able to enjoy and admire their own creations. For the non-candle-loving folks, making soaps is a great idea. Each box could be one chosen soap theme with all of the chemicals, additives, safety precautions, and instructions included.

MR - ArtBox

10. The Aspiring Artist Box
This is for those who know they want to exercise their creative muscles but don’t know exactly where to start. Each month would feature different artistic media. For example, one month would include painting supplies and detailed instructions. The next month, perhaps it would be sculpting supplies. Each month would be a surprise and no doubt recipients will have a ball creating artistic expressions with newfound media!


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All of these are skeletons at best and would require fleshing out logistically for bundles and pricing, but with the right framework and strategy, any one of these ideas could launch into a fun, creative venture that brings joy to the supplier and the buyers!

McKenzie Brower is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Uppercut Box. She loves her own chosen roundup of subscription boxes and enjoys dreaming up new creations to arrive on her doorstep.