Best Practices: Routine Equipment Maintenance Is Crucial For Success

Taking steps to guarantee your products are safe for consumers will improve your business growth and reputation. The same disciplined approach on the shop floor will bring the same benefits.

Every experienced manufacturer knows the importance of buying quality equipment and keeping their tools in good working order. With equipment failures the 10th highest OSHA violation, not maintaining your equipment will lead to legal trouble, health and safety violations, and reduced product quality. Don’t be put off! Maintaining your equipment is straightforward, easy, and simply a matter of being organized. 

Small equipment and tools

Many small manufacturing businesses rely on the use of smaller, handheld equipment, especially where artisanal pieces are concerned. Handheld equipment is the life blood of the business in these cases. Woodworkers will use chainsaws to gather lumber, and the principles to keeping this piece of equipment in good and safe working order are transferable to other industries. Aside from safe work space practices, it is important to take precautions at home. According to a 10 year study by The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 65% of chainsaw injuries happen at home according to a 10 year study by The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. This shows that it is important to be wary at all times. Use the instructions for your device to ensure that all key pieces are working and in the right place before turning on. Make sure the device is well oiled and no issues have been raised. Do a quick spot check before starting work by checking the noise, action and overall familiarity of the device’s feel. Keeping the equipment working and yourself safe will lead to ongoing growth for your business.

Inside the house and during your project, it is essential to keep your tools in good condition. This can be as simple as removing paint and rust from straight edges to ensure they remain accurate and in a good state.

Industrial equipment maintenance

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Larger businesses and some small businesses with a specific remit will be accustomed to using large industrial equipment. A poorly maintained large industrial device will cause complete shutdown for your business and costly repairs. If it is not possible to safely maintain the device yourself, it is crucial not to try to. Invest in a maintenance repairman, or draw up a contract, to provide maintenance services to your business when unsure. Maintaining your equipment is absolutely crucial to ensuring that your business continues to run smoothly and sales go out the door. With your all-important health and safety on the line, too, it pays to invest time into learning how to maintain your equipment and ensuring it’s done properly.

By Chrissy Jones

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