Factory Q & A – Lefty


What are your top capabilities / specialties?

Our capabilities are very wide-ranging.  We offer everything from sketching and design consulting to pattern making and sample making to full scale production.  In between we offer comprehensive services like marking & grading, plus a ton of project management and coordination. Some of our unique capabilities include an automated laser cutter, which can make amazing and intricate cutouts as well as a team for brand merch and leather goods.  We also have tons of sources for sustainable materials as sustainability is becoming a big and important part of what we do. 


What products are you best at making?

We can produce just about any category of clothing, including mens, womens, childrens, lingerie and even bridal.  But the stuff we do most, especially since we’re in Los Angeles, is athleisure and swim and streetwear. We are making fantastic activewear, hoodies, joggers, one pieces and bikinis all day, every day.  We also do a lot of really cool accessories and brand merch like bags, wallets and hats. 


What are your minimum quantities?

We like to see clients make at least 200 units per style as it gets a lot more expensive to produce below that amount.  But, we can sometimes be flexible, especially with clients that do all of their development with us.


What is your team like?

Great customer service is at the heart of what we do at Lefty and so we try to hire people who are kind and caring.  We want everybody to come to work with our clients’ best interest at heart. We all really love the creative process and interacting with our creative and passionate clients.

We have such a diverse and incredible team.  Our team ranges from people who have worked for major fashion labels and have graduated from top fashion schools to incredible craftspeople who have been making garments and accessories for decades to awesome individuals who we’ve pulled in from other industries. 


What are some of your influencer marketing programs?

We don’t work with influencers, but many of our clients do, and some of our clients are influencers themselves!


When should brands start marketing their products?

Once the samples are done and production begins.  But, brands should be engaging an audience before that and even take them on the journey through development.  Social media engagement is vital for almost any new brand and that can start today!


What are some marketing partnerships you enjoy working with?

We have a number of resources that we share with our clients so they can pick what they like.  But our favorite marketing partnership by far is Maker’s Row!


What is one way to measure impact?

Lefty Production Co. takes sustainability seriously. We offer our clients numerous options to reduce their environmental footprint. We can help them source organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled materials and more. We can also develop products to reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process. Our new automated laser cutter minimizes fabric consumption and eliminates the need to print paper patterns. We also support brands prioritizing fair trade practices and materials so that they can ensure they are promoting improved social and environmental standards in factories all over the world. Lefty ensures a clean, safe and ethical working environment for all of its employees. We are proud that our team includes multiple generations of families. 


Do you work with emerging brands?

Emerging brands are the foundation of what we do at Lefty.  We LOVE growing brands and believe we have so many services, resources and pieces of advice to offer them to make their journeys easier and more successful. 


What do you love about what you do?

We love bringing artists’ visions to life.  It is so incredibly gratifying to take an idea in a designer’s head and transform it into beautiful, real life clothing and accessories.  It’s becoming more and more common for us to see pieces we made out on the street and at the beach. We succeed when our clients succeed and build lasting relationships and friendships, which is really the most rewarding thing of all. 

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