Branding starts here!

www. brndio. com
BRNDiO is a company that focuses on the quality of branding and it’s identity. We understand the significance of what your brand means to you and your business. We produce and have BRANDED over 100,000 products on behalf of our 5,000+ customers. We are here to help you customize your brand and build proper brand recognition. Whether you’re in the fashion, fitness, culinary arts, corporate, etc we can take care of your needs and help take your branding to the next level.


We can take your tech packet details and incorporate our experience and designer touch to make your ideas next level!


Do you have any idea but don't have the resources to make the pattern for the production? We have our own in house pattern designers to help take your ideas to life!


We can source endless materials, fabrics and trimmings for your projects.


Before all production orders we always run a sample to make sure that it is 100% before completing the full quantities.


We can produce up too 20,000 units weekly.