We Lay the Foundation for Your Fashion Vision

We provide Pattern and Development services based in Southern California, helping new and emerging brands grow their business. We can help build the blueprint for your fashion brand.

Started in 2006, we have over 10 years of business experience, and over 30 years of industry knowledge. We have partnered and helped moonlighting designers launch a business and existing businesses expand their production. Find out how we can help you turn your fashion vision into reality.


We help clarify your initial ideas, and help you narrow down the styles to work with and help lay the foundations with first patterns and sampling--both first and salesman samples. We also provide input on the overall development and production process.


Yes, we can help with first samples, pattern revisions, sample duplicates, and all manners of feedback for fit and finish during this process. We offer a Launch Program for beginners looking to start with a 5-, 10- or 15-piece collection. This program includes patterns, fit samples, revisions, and two final samples per style.


From first fit samples to final production samples, we can help at any stage of the sampling process.


We are actually perfect for the beginning or growing brand. We offer small batch production as low as 50 pieces per style, so if you're looking to just experiment, or have a capsule collection you want to produce, we can definitely help you achieve your goals.