Handcrafted in our Vermont barn, one piece at a time...

ClearLake Furniture was created in 1992 by Brent Karner, Brent honed his skill in the art of fine woodworking at the world-renowned North Bennet Street School in Boston. His commitment to detail and excellence is built into every piece of furniture created by the craftsmen of ClearLake Furniture.

At our restored barn in Ludlow, Vermont, you can wander through our workshop, talk with the craftsmen, and browse our 3,000 square-foot gallery for ideas. Once you've chosen your style, size, wood, and finish, you can visit the stacks of raw hardwood with your craftsman and select the actual boards for your... (more)


With over 100 years of combined experience in my shop we are capable of helping at any point in a project. From concept to prototype tweaking we have been there before.


I still hand draw, my drawings are accurate, creative and great at getting the idea across. We are very confident in reading others drawings.


We are a manufacturer of finished furniture.


When it comes to larger jobs we almost always make a prototype, sometimes it will be a miniature or a part of the piece. Whatever works best for the customer.


We don't "mass produce" but have done some very large jobs.