Fashion Brand Consulting

Couture Consultancy provides fashion brand consulting. The company takes a tailored approach guiding clients in areas that include branding, sample collection building, on-line presence and distribution.
The company is absolutely dedicated to achieving the best possible results for its clients and identifies best fit creative solutions to do so.
Couture Consultancy is based in NYC and does offer an initial complimentary meeting in person or through Skype to any new potential client.
Katja Noschis Delaloye is the founder of Couture Consultancy. She speaks five languages and brings over twenty years experience of working in the fashion industry. She has a proven track record... (more)


We assist designers in making a consistent sample collection to present to fashion professionals (press, show-rooms, trade shows and fashion buyers). We mentor designers for translating their idea into products, for deciding the number of styles and the price points at which they should sell their products in order to obtain good markups. As a former fashion buyer the founder of Couture Consultancy knows how a collection needs to look in order to stand out.


We work with designers for carefully planning their collection before sending it to production.