Technical Design and Patternmaking

Curvilinear Design is a technical design and patternmaking house offering spec sheets, tech packs, cost sheets, technical flats, patternmaking, grading, and sample sewing. Tech savvy and using a CAD system for patterns and grading, and a combination of Illustrator, Excel, and Word for other services offered.
~Pattern Making
~Marker Making
~Tech Packs
~Technical Design
~Tech Flats
~Sample Sewing


On paper anything is possible; in production not so much. Technical design is taking a great idea and turning it into a reproducible product. We can take your design and give you suggestions based on target price point, contractor capabilities, and target demographic.


Pattern making is our primary focus. We use a CAD system and will send you files as a DFX, a PDF, or both. Alternatively, we can plot them and mail the patterns to you.


Sewing samples is an important part of checking patterns. If possible, we would prefer to sew the first samples to check our work and provide you with one more piece of the puzzle to take to your contractor. We have single needles and sergers for sewing first samples.


Tech packs, patterns, and a sewn sample are all tools for you to pass off to your contractor. It is also very helpful if we can communicate directly with your sewing contractor. That way we don't waste your time with the back and forth and we can get all of our information directly from the factory.