Technical printer who manufactures membrane switches, overlays, nameplates, gaskets, labels and decals

SCREEN PRINTING: UV, solvent and epoxy ink systems; In-house film/artwork and screen-making; Membrane switch and flexible circuitry printing; 3-dimensional printing of metal and plastic components; UV-cured Hardcoats and selective texturing; Color matching. LASER CUTTING:Multiple laser systems for prototyping and production. DIE CUTTING: Steel rule die and matched metal tooling. KNIFE-CUTTING: Digitally controlled rotary knife cutting/plotting, sheet or roll-fed. LAMINATING: Automated laminating systems for pressure- and heat-activated adhesive systems


We can provide recommendations for the best printing process and overall construction/processing for your printed part. This includes selecting substrates, pros and cons of different printing and cutting technologies, adhesive systems, and end-use considerations.


We typically charge for custom samples. However, we try to keep costs as low as possible or break-even, as we recognize that samples can often be a critical part of the product development cycle. We are happy to provide existing samples for free, that might be similar in concept to the new product being developed.


We can scale production from 10 parts to 10,000.