Taking your idea to first run production.

We provide everything from design and engineering to creating your prototype for demonstration and sampling to light production. We have manual and CNC machining, small metal stamping, plastic injection and fabrication equipment and staff ready to help bring your idea to life.

Equipment & Machinery:


We have a design, engineering, machining, and light manufacturing background to help assist you on taking your idea from the napkin sketch to reality. We can utilize the cross functionality of these sectors to verify and optimize an idea based on its manufacturability.


We can utilize our current material supplier relationships to provide material(s) at our cost to help save money. We are also open to receiving materials from your suppliers as well.


We love working with new ideas to help create your first sample or your first 100 samples.


We can provide tooling for manufacturing on our machines or yours. in addition, we can provide strategic sourcing assistance and consulting should you wish to bring manufacturing to your location.


We provide light production runs. Because we have a limited quantity of CNC machining, light metal stamping, production screw machine, light plastic injection molding, and fabrication capabilities. We usually schedule our production runs as we currently try to maintain a 80-85% utilization schedule for our machines.