Innovation. Quality. Simplicity,

Fremont Machine is able to create custom machines for production. We have twenty years of experience in the manufacturing industry and our machines are some of the best in the country. We have done work for a variety of industries to help them streamline their processes. We are able to help save on labor and increase production speeds. This in turn keeps your customers costs down.


We are able to help customers understand what it takes to make a product and how to keep cost levels down. The owner of Fremont Machine has been helping customers for 20 years refine their ideas to make them a reality. We have full time engineers on staff who are able to do concept designs through SolidWorks. We can take an idea and bring it to life for you.


We are able to provide materials for sample and mass produced products through our suppliers.


With our engineers and toolmakers we are able to make samples out of a variety of materials.


We are able to make a variety of tooling and dies for manufacturing needs. Our toolmakers are some of the best in the country.


By creating a custom machine to create a product, you are saving money on labor and increasing production time. This is our area of expertise.