Contract Sewing

Haus Page is production shop that provides contract sewing for designers and company brands. We have in-house patternmaking, cutting, samplemaking, sewing mechanic, and small batch manufacturing. Please check-out our contract rates page on our website. Or contact our shop manager Nash Page for specific jobs.


We have an on staff patternmaker and turn roughly 10,000-20,000 new products a year including physical samples. We can do patterns in both traditional oaktag and CAD on request plus grading. Average price per production pattern is $100-250. Please see our contract rates page for prices.


We do physical sample-making for new products with sample-makers with 10-40 years experience in the industry. All work is billed up front at $15/hr and average sample prices are $50-150 per piece. Please see our contract rates page for specific prices. If you are located on the East Coast, we do occasionally hire our sample-makers for jobs as over-flow stitchers for shops on the East Coast only. The rate is $900/week plus $100/day if the stitcher is bringing their own supplies. Supplies Can Include: Sewing Machine, Dress Form, Pressing Equipment, Patternmaking Tools, Drafting Paper, Muslin, and traditional tailoring tools of the trade.


We produce large and small batch production, our ideal size is over 1,000 pieces. We do occasionally do smaller sizes around 100 pieces or mixed colorways to increase variety for brands. We require a 50% deposit and 3 factory samples being approved before moving into full production on each run. Factory samples are billed at 3x production rates. Please note, you MUST have a sample for EACH size and colorway before we will go into production and they must be approved or we will not move forward. Average turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.