Over 25 years experience as a pattern maker, specializing in womens and childrens woven dresses and sportswear.

Apparel development areas include:
• Superior pattern making skills, garment construction, garment specifications, and grading comprehension.
• Broad knowledge of fabrics, excellent understanding of fit, and expert sewing skills.
• Experience with domestic and overseas factories; their processes, and quality control.

Services offered:
1st through production patterns (manual or CAD), fittings and fit consultations, prototypes, and project management.


For initial prototypes, I walk clients through what is possible, and what is not-- or how to best get their idea made into a pattern that is able to be produced.


28 years of experience in pattern making for dresses and sportswear. I use my CAD for production patterns, and create 1st patterns by hand for the prettiest lines and accuracy in fit.


I make prototypes, duplicates, and custom made one offs.