3D printing product development for the fashion industry

3D printing for the fashion industry.
Heisel provides product development, print on demand production and education in 3D printing for the apparel, jewelry and wearables industries.

Equipment & Machinery:


3D printing is a way to make things by adding material layer-upon-layer based on a design file. We work with brands to create 3D printed products from concept to to supply chain development.


We have extensive experience in technical design for 3D printing and employ a wide range of CAD designers with skills in multiple file formats. Our team can create designs from flat sketches or format your CAD files for 3D printing.


Our global network of 3D printers and printing facilities produces samples, material test prints and digital mock-ups.


3D printing enables mass customization and personalization on a level unknown in traditional manufacturing. We can enable customized supply-chains and production from single units to thousands of pieces.