We are a manufacturer and stockist of 100% Irish linen and linen blends (including cotton and viscose). We produce full color lines in both Apparel fabrics (a wide range of fabrics, from baptistes to suiting) and Furnishings (from light weight draperies to heavy upholstery). We have no minimums from our stocked goods inventory and we can cut to order.


Ulster Weavers Apparel is an apparel and furnishing fabric company based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. It forms part of Ulster Weavers Ltd with Ulster Weavers Home Fashions. With over 150 years of history, Ulster Weavers Apparel has been producing and developing 100% linen and linen based products for the global market place. Ulster Weavers continues to offer the best linen fabrics in the world. Our ranges incorporate the very finest linen shirtings, most luxurious suitings, exquisite drapery fabrics and robust, durable furnishing textiles.